Spring 2020 Temporary Grade Basis Option

In response to the impact of COVID-19 on higher educational institutions, colleges and universities have been required to transition all of their traditional in-class courses to an online format. Given the challenges of this new mode of instruction as well as the limitations that have been imposed on impacted students and faculty, MBI educational leadership has determined that it is necessary to adopt a temporary grading policy for the current spring 2020 semester.  This temporary policy will govern and supersede to the extent of any conflict with any existing grading policies or information, published in the 2019-2020 Undergraduate catalog.

The temporary policy will allow students the option to adjust their grading basis to a Pass/Not Pass grade basis for the spring 2020 semester. Chicago Undergraduate students who wish to retain the current letter grading basis (A through F), may do so. No further action will be required of students who wish to retain a letter grade.  

To switch one or more of your classes to a "P/NP" grading basis, please follow these instructions.


Is the decision to change to a P/NP grading basis determined by the course instructor or the student?

All Chicago Undergraduate students will have the option to change to a pass/not-pass (P/NP) grading basis or retain their current letter grade basis (A through F).  The decision is completely up to the student to make.

Can I change all of my courses to P/NP or just one?

Students may adjust one, two, or all of their courses to pass/not pass.

What are the benefits of changing to the P/NP grading basis?

This option could benefit students who feel that the transition to the online venue, or overall change in circumstances due to COVID-19, has harmed their course performance. The student would still need to earn a minimum grade of D- to pass the course, but would avoid the negative effects that such a grade would normally have on their GPA.

What constitutes a passing grade?

A previously issued grade of “A” through “D-“ for completed course work will be equal to passing.  Please check each of your course syllabi carefully as each course might be different.

What constitutes a not passed grade?

Students who do not meet the minimum course requirements equal to a D- or above (pass) as stated in the course syllabus, will receive no academic credit for that course.  This would be considered equal to failing a course, but without the GPA penalty.

Will a passing grade prevent a student from graduating?

No.  Students who receive a passing grade will receive course credit for their degree requirements.

How will this impact a student’s GPA?

Being that pass/not pass grades are not factored into a student’s GPA, this policy will not have an impact on most students.  Students who need a letter grade to improve their GPA might be impacted by changing to a pass/not pass grading basis.

What happens if I receive a grade of "not passed"?

Students who do not pass a course that is required to fulfill their degree requirements, must repeat that course during another semester.

If I am going to fail a course, does a "NP” on the P/NP grading basis offer any benefit?

Yes, it would offer the temporary benefit of not having your GPA negatively impacted.  However, the course would still need to be repeated and passed.  There are financial implications for repeating a previously failed course that you should consider.

Will I be able to transfer courses that are graded on a P/NP basis to another school ?

No, P/NP grading options are typically non-transferrable, but this is up to the receiving institution, not Moody.

When do I have to make a decision for which, if any, of my courses I want to have graded on a P/NP basis?

You will have until May 15th at 12:00PM CST.

How do I change a course from the normal grade scale to P/NP basis?

It’s simple! Just follow these instructions by clicking here.

What other resources are available besides changing the grading format

Students are encouraged to utilize the Writing Center, Student Resource Center for tutoring, and course extensions in order to successfully complete their courses.

How can I find out if this is the best decision for me

The pass/not passed grading option is not recommended for students repeating a previously failed course, students on probation, or students seeking to transfer course credit to another school (at the undergraduate or graduate level) in the future. This is a decision unique to each student and course. The pass/not passed grading option is designed to help relieve stress related to coursework that cannot be resolved through existing resources such as tutoring or a course extension. If you have questions about your specific situation, please contact arecords@moody.edu.

I missed the May 15 deadline, what do I do to appeal for a P/NP grade?

If you would like to appeal for a P/NP grading basis and you missed the May 15th deadline, you must email arecords@moody.edu.

I am a Spokane, MTS, or Moody Online student and would like to have this grading basis as an option, what do I do to appeal for this option?

If you would like to appeal for this grarding option, please fill out the student appeal form in the my.moody.edu portal. You can find this on the bottom left of the "Students" tab.


Other questions? Email arecords@moody.edu.


Additional FAQ for Faculty

Is the decision to change to a pass/not pass grading basis determined by the course instructor or the student?

All Chicago Undergraduate students will have the option to change to a pass/not passed grading basis or retain their current letter grade basis (A through F). The decision is completely up to the student to make. The Office of Academic Records will assist students in making an informed decision.

Will I have separate grading rosters?

No. Students will have the opportunity to adjust their grading basis to pass/not passed beginning on April 13 and concluding on May 15 (the final day of the spring 2020 semester).  Grade rosters will be created on May 15 and will reflect the grading basis chosen by the student.

My course grade roster won't allow me to put in a P/NP grade for a particular student - only the normal grade scale (A, A-, etc.). What should I do?

Direct the student to Academic Records (arecords@moody.edu). It is likely that the student failed to submit the change in preferred grading scheme by the time your grade roster was created. We will review these requests on a case-by-case basis.

Other questions? Email arecords@moody.edu.

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