MBI Staff Training

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended, sets forth requirements regarding the privacy of student records.  Click here to view the Moody Bible Institute (MBI) policies for the handling of student educational records, which are protected by this federal law.  All educational officials requesting educational records on any MBI student must read the following policies and demonstrate a legitimate educational interest in order to access FERPA-protected information.

All MBI staff must complete FERPA training. This training is designed to help you understand how your job could be effected by this federal law. Please proceed through the training provided below and then complete the FERPA Training Signoff at the bottom of any of these pages:

Tier 1 Training: this training is for any employee with minimal or no access to student records and with minimal or no interaction with students (Radio, Publshing, Food Service/Catering, etc.).

Tier 2 Training: this training is for any employee with some digital or physical access or potential for access to student records and some interaction with students (Facilities, HR, Library Staff, CSC).

Tier 3 Training: this training is for those involved in teaching and instruction in the classroom (any and all instructors and faculty).

Tier 4 Training: this training is for those extensive access to student data or interact with students on a frequent basis (Student Enrollment Services, Treasury/Finance, ITS, DRM, EDU Marketing, EDU Deans, StuDev, ResLife, etc.)

You should have received an email pointing you to the correct training tier. Please refer to that email and complete the appropriate training for your area. If you feel that the wrong type of training has been assigned, please simply respond to the email. You are free to complete as much training as you wish, but must complete at least the level of training that was assigned to you.