Intermission allows Chicago undergraduate students in good academic standing to retain active status though not enrolled in residential, on-campus courses. Intermission may be requested for medical, financial, or personal reasons. Chicago campus students may only enroll in up to eight (8) credits of distance learning classes or their internship requirement. 

$200 fee will be charged to the student’s account for each semester of intermission, with the exception of students who are enrolled in courses during intermission. Chicago campus students enrolled in distance learning courses while on intermission will not receive the Undergraduate Chicago Tuition Grant. Students not on probation may take a total of two (2) semesters of intermission (fall or spring).

Chicago Intermission form


Deadline to Request Intermission

All intermission requests must be submitted prior to the start of the semester.

If you have any questions on intermission, please feel free to contact our office at or 312-329-4469.

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