Term Withdrawals

Students who drop or are dropped from all courses during a semester for any reason are required to be processed as a Term Withdrawal for Federal Financial Aid purposes. Term Withdrawal restricts students from additional course enrollment in the current semester and allows them to retain active student status in an academic program though not enrolled in courses. Students who withdraw from a semester are expected to return for the following semester.

In order to withdraw from Moody you need to contact the associate registrars in the Office of Academic Records and provide official notification.

Term Withdrawal Frequently Asked Questions

Unofficial Term Withdrawal 

Failure to officially withdraw may result in the student receiving unofficial withdrawal grades (FN). Students are issued an unofficial withdrawal grade (FN), indicating unofficial withdrawal from a course, when they cease to attend or participate in academically related activity. The unofficial withdrawal grade (FN) negatively affects GPA. When a student receives unofficial withdrawal grades (FN) in all courses for a session, it results in unofficial term withdrawal and the return of Federal Title IV aid. For questions regarding (see Financial Aid).


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