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A directed study course is an option available to students who, due to extenuating circumstances, are not able to meet program or graduation requirements within the regularly scheduled courses.  All coursework must be submitted before the course ends. All directed study requests must be submitted prior to the start of a student’s final semester.

Deadlines for Submission:

MTS & Chicago/Spokane Undergraduate Submission and approval must be received prior to the start of the requested session
Undergraduate Online Course Submission must be receieved 3 weeks prior to the start of the requested session

A Directed Study is potentially offered in the following circumstances:

  • The student is scheduling his or her final semester for graduation and is unable to take a required course due to a course-scheduling conflict (i.e., the course is not available until the following semester).
  • The student needs to fulfill a 1 or 2 credit requirement and available courses cannot meet the requirement.

A Directed Study is generally NOT offered in the following circumstances:

  • Regular courses or their equivalent are currently available.
  • Regular courses can be split between requirements to meet the deficiency.
  • The student has a conflict with their personal schedule (i.e., work, ministry commitment, etc.).
  • The student has less than 70% of his or her degree program credits completed.
  • Instructor preference
  • The student significantly deviated from their Program Plan (the student will have to wait until the next time the course is available according to these schedules).

Signature: By typing your name below, you certify that you are the student and that you authorize this action for your own account. You also submit that you understand and agree to abide by the policies stated above. All directed studies are subject to the approval of the office of Academic Records. To proceed with this request, you must type your full name below.

Course Information

Course Type (check with your academic advisor if you are unsure)
Area of Study (1 or 2 credit course)
In what academic area would you like to complete your open elective requirements?

Directed study requests for future semesters where enrollment has not opened will be automatically denied.

Which campus venue will be used for this course?
What length/session will be used for this course?
What is your preferred session?

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