Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Academic Records is here to assist you in meeting your academic goals by providing you with the following resources:

  1. Academic Advising (including the evaluation of all transfer credits, AP/CLEP scores, and assisting you in mapping out your academic progress)
  2. Support Services (including letters of verification of full-time enrollment and assistance with class registrations)

We understand that you have many questions about what you may encounter as you begin your academic experience. We encourage you to review what we find to be the most commonly asked questions by incoming students:

How do I know what transferred?

You can view your transfer credits through your Student Center portal ( Under "my academics" click on the drop-down box. Choose either "course history" or "transfer credit report," then click on the arrow button. Under course history, this will be indicated with "TR" (or AP for Advanced Placement or CLE for CLEP) and an arrow symbol.  On the transfer credit report, you will see the completed course on the left side of the chart, and the equivalent Moody course on the right side. For AP/CLEP, look under "Test Credits."

How many tuition-paid semesters can I have?   

Every 15 hours of transfer or previously-earned MBI credit will reduce your paid tuition allotment in Chicago by one semester. You need to enroll in at least 14-18 credit hours each semester in order to meet your expected graduation date.


 Number of Transfer/Previously Earned

MBI Credits

 Number of Semesters

(Bachelor of Arts)

Number of Semesters

(Bachelor of Music)

1-14 hours



15-29 hours



30-44 hours



45-59 hours



60-74 hours



75-89 hours




What if I need more or less time to complete my degree? 

If you plan to graduate early or later than your assigned graduation date, please email and request your graduation date to be changed.  Keep in mind if you stay at Moody longer than your paid tuition semester allotment you will be responsible for paying tuition for each additional semester.  If you plan on graduating before your assigned graduation date and do not notify Academic Records Advising the semester before you want to graduate, you may not be approved to graduate early.

What if I have additional credits coming?

Your academic advisor will review your transcripts and test scores for potential transfer/ advanced standing credit upon receipt of your official transcripts and/or CLEP/AP test results. Official transcripts/results can be sent electronically to or by mail to:

Moody Bible Institute
Academic Records
820 N. LaSalle Dr
Chicago, IL  60610

Grad students must have transcripts sent to Moody by the end of their first semester. Undergrad students must have transcripts/scores sent to Moody before the start of their final semester.

How do I view/participate in my courses?

After enrolling in a course through your Student Center, you will automatically be enrolled in Canvas before it starts. You will participate in and complete all the work for the course in Canvas, located under the Students tab of your myMoody. 


How do I find my required textbooks?

Watch this video for instructions on locating textbook information in your myMoody Student Center.


How can I view my grades?

Watch this video for instructions on finding official grades in your myMoody Student Center.

How can I figure out if I have holds?

You may view whether or not you have holds from your Student Center, in the "Holds" tab on the right side of the page. Contact the department to whom the hold corresponds to for assistance in resolving it. 

What if I need help ordering transcripts?

For a step-by-step tutorial on ordering your official transcripts, click here.


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