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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enroll in classes?

During open enrollment. Open enrollment typically begins in November (spring semester), February (summer semester), and April (fall semester). Visit our home page for updates about open enrollment and the calendar at the beginning of the current academic catalog for exact dates. 

If you are a Chicago undergraduate, you will be assigned a designated pre-registration appointment, where you can enroll in the upcoming spring or fall semester ahead of open enrollment. Once it has been assigned (look for an email from, the day and time of this appointment can be viewed in your Student Center under Enrollment Dates. 

What classes should I enroll in?

Your Academic Requirements Report shows what classes you still have to take to complete your program. To access it, go to your Student Center and select Academic Requirements from the “other academic…” dropdown menu. If you are unsure when you are supposed to take certain classes, your program plan is a helpful guide. More information on program plans and Academic Requirements Reports.

Still not sure what classes to take? Book a meeting with your academic advisor.

I can't find the class I'm looking for...?

For the best results searching for classes, use only the course code to search (subject and number); leave all other fields blank. Every course has a corresponding code by which it is identified in our system, e.g. TH-3330 for Systematic Theology I. Course names are listed along with their respective codes in your program plan and Academic Requirements Report. To search by course code:

  1. Ensure the subject you have selected from the dropdown list corresponds to the subject abbreviation in the course code (e.g. TH = Theology). Click here for a complete list of subjects and their abbreviations.
  2. Ensure you have entered the 4 digits from the course code (e.g. 3330) in the small field to the right of “Course Number / is exactly.” Do not enter it in the field marked “Class Nbr”–leave this field blank. Then hit Search.


    I still can't find the class I'm looking for! (or "No Results")
    If you have already tried searching by course code per the above instructions, try searching by Subject and Course Career, this time leaving the Course Number field blank. This search will yield every course offered under the selected subject this term.

    Things to try if all else fails:
    Leave the Campus field blank.
    Ensure the Course Career field is left blank or entered correctly.
    Ensure you selected the correct term (e.g. spring, summer, fall) before entering the course search page (if you were given the option).
    Do not enter anything under “Additional Search Criteria.”

If you have tried all of the above and still cannot find your class, it is possible it is not being offered during the selected term. Email for assistance.

What if the class I'm looking for isn't being offered?

With some exceptions, your program plan is a suggested, not required, sequence for taking classes. If the class you are hoping to take is not being offered, you may need to choose another class from your academic requirements report or program plan. If you must take a class that is not currently offered in order to graduate on time, contact your academic advisor.

What if the class I'm trying to enroll in is closed/full?

Enrollment limits ensure quality for students in light of factors like classroom size, subject matter, and modality. Therefore, students may not enroll in courses whose enrollment limit has already been reached. 


What if two or more of the classes I want to take overlap (time conflict)?

If one or both of the classes has a Hyflex modality, email requesting a time conflict override.

You may be allowed to take conflicting courses with with Hybrid or In-Person modalities with the approval of any professor with whom you would potentially lose class time. This means you are responsible for proposing an attendance plan to your professors. Once Academic Records has received approval from the relevant faculty, we will enroll you in the conflicting course(s).

Important! If you do not forward the necessary permissions to before your pre-registration window, there is a greater risk of being prevented from enrolling due to the class filling up. Also, if you forward permissions to AR more than one week before your appointment, you may be asked to send them again later.

I got an error saying "department/instructor consent required." What should I do?

Admittance to certain classes requires special faculty permission. Email the instructor for approval and/or direction to the appropriate faculty member. If the class is FE-4400 Ministry Internship, you must submit an internship request form to be considered for enrollment. 

What if I have a hold preventing me from enrolling?

If you are unsure what action you are supposed to take to have your hold removed, contact the department to whom the hold is related.

The most common hold preventing enrollment is from a past-due balance, which is removed once your balance is paid. Email with questions about PDB holds.


How do I add classes to my shopping cart?

Courses are automatically added to your shopping cart during the enrollment process, after you have selected the class and hit “next.” The course has been added to your shopping cart when you see the green button labeled “Proceed to Step 2 of 3” (see "How to Enroll in a Class" video above).

While the system will not let you enroll in classes outside your designated registration window or open enrollment, it is a good idea to add desired classes to your shopping cart once they are available to view. This will make enrollment itself faster when the time comes, decreasing the chances of the class filling up without you.

Important! Any course you have attempted to enroll in but have been prevented from enrolling in will be automatically added to your cart. However, you will not automatically be enrolled in the class once the issue preventing your enrollment is resolved. Courses are never automatically moved from your shopping cart to your schedule. 

Can I just see a list of all the classes being offered in a given term?

Because there are hundreds of courses offered through various venues and modalities each term, there is no way to view them all at once. However, searching by subject & course career allows you to view whole categories of classes at a time (see "I still can't find the class I'm looking for!" above).

When will I be able to view course offerings for a given term?

Course offerings are usually finalized and posted according to the following schedule:      

Term Courses posted during the preceding...
Fall April
Spring October
Summer February

Important! Typically, registration does not open until a few weeks after course offerings are made available to view. All active students will receive emails from Academic Records announcing the posting of course offerings and registration dates for the upcoming term.

Other enrollment scenarios:

I missed the enrollment deadline for the course I want to add.
I want to enroll in an FE-4400 internship.
I want to audit a course.


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