Academic Records and Registrar

The Office of Academic Records is committed to serving you, our students, and providing timely responses to your academic needs and questions. In addition to maintaining academic records for every student, we provide advising services to help you determine and plan the direction of your educational program.

We are committed to blessing others by providing timely, efficient, and Christ-centered service to all future and current students, as well as alumni, faculty, and the institute as a whole.

Important Announcements

Spring 2024

The 16-week and first 8-week spring sessions are now underway.

Summer 2024 Registration

Open registration for the summer semester begins February 26, 2024. For help viewing and enrolling in classes, see the "Registration Help" tab on the left side of this page.

Spring 2024 Add/Drop Deadlines

The table below lists the last day you can enroll in/drop spring 2024 courses for the most common sessions. See the Academic Information section of the current Academic Catalog for an exhaustive list of registration deadlines.

Campus Session Dates Last Day to Enroll Last Day to Drop Without Penalty
Chicago (undergrad) Jan 16 - May 17 Jan 21 Jan 22
Online (1st 8-weeks) Jan 9 - Mar 4 Jan 2 Jan 12
Online (2nd 8-weeks) Mar 19 - May 13 Mar 12 Mar 22
Chicago/Michigan (grad 1st 8-weeks)  Jan 16 - Mar 8 Jan 14 Jan 19
Chicago/Michigan (grad 2nd 8-weeks)  Mar 25 - May 17 Mar 24 Mar 28
Spokane (aviation non-standard term) Jan 2 - June 21 - -
Spokane (new student Bible & gen. ed. courses) Jan 25 - May 24 Jan 27 Feb 1


Spring 2024 Commencement

Information about the May 2024 commencement can be found on the commencement website.

Intermission Policy Update

From Fall 2022 onward, requesting Intermission will no longer be necessary. Chicago undergraduate students who previously were required to take intermission to take a semester off will now be permitted to take up to two (2) consecutive semesters of nonenrollment without informing the Office of Academic Records. There is no cumulative limit to the number of non-enrollment semesters a student can take, but taking more than two in a row will result in automatic discontinuation per our non-enrollment policy stated in the academic catalog.

Students are still subject to all program time limit policies related to their academic program and will be required to change to a newer curriculum or be discontinued if in violation of their program time limit.

If you have any questions about this policy change, please contact

Need Tutoring or Writing Help?

If you feel that you could benefit from peer-tutoring, Moody's Student Resource Center is here to help! Head to the Student Resource Center page for more information on how you can get a tutor. Need help writing a paper at any point in the writing process? Check out Moody's Writing Center.

Change of Major Fee

Chicago undergraduate students who change their major will be charged a $250 fee if they have previously taken courses at Moody that no longer apply towards their new program requirements.

If you have questions about potentially changing your major, please contact the Office of Academic Records to meet with an academic advisor to discuss your options. It is recommended that you wait to take major-specific courses until you have decided which major you wish to pursue.

Please contact Academic Records if you have questions.

Academic Requirements Report

Stay on top of your academic progress through the Academic Requirements Report. The Academic Requirements report will show you a list of all the classes you have completed and the classes that you still need to complete to earn your degree. See the Advising page for help accessing your report.

CLEP Deadline for Graduating Students

Are you graduating next semester and plan on taking a CLEP test? Undergraduate students hoping to graduate must submit their test scores prior to the start of your final semester

Click here for a list of courses with CLEP tests. Official test scores must be submitted prior to the start of a student’s final semester.  

College Writing Proficiency Requirement

Students enrolled in Bachelor of Arts programs must satisfy a College Writing proficiency requirement prior to taking the course GSU-1112 Research Writing. This requirement does not grant college credit; it merely assesses the student’s preparedness for Moody’s curriculum. Incoming students, click here to see your options to meet this requirement.

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Online Transcript Request Process

To make a request for transcripts, please created an account and log into Moody's online ordering services, through Parchment Exchange.