Academic Advising

Academic advising is a service provided to students in all of Moody's venues. The academic advisors are located on the Chicago campus and are assigned based on last name.

Your academic advisor can help with...

Need to discuss one of the above? Email your academic advisor or book a meeting using the link on the right side of this page.

Student Last Name  Advisor  Advisor Email
A-D  John Bartlett
E-K  Bailee Hayenga
L-Q  Ariel Fernandez Jr.
R-Z  Joshua Fried


What classes do I have to take?

Program Plan

The program plan is a suggested schedule that will assist you with selecting courses each semester and staying on-track for graduation. You can find your program plan on the regular Moody website at Please make sure to use your Academic Requirements report to verify you have enrolled in the correct courses.

Academic Requirements Report (ARR)

Your Academic Requirements Report is a tool that enables you to track your academic progress. It shows the classes you have taken, are currently taking, have registered for, and still need to take in the future.

To access your Academic Requirements Report:

  1. Log in to using your Moody username and password
  2. Click on Student Center (located under the Academic Self-Service bar)
  3. Click on the dropdown menu labeled "Other Academic Information."
  4. Click on Academic Requirements.

Or watch this video:

Step-by-step Instructions


Change of Program or Major

Ready to request a change of program or major? Fill out the appropriate form:
                            Undergraduate                                     Graduate

If approved, your program requirements will change to the requirements of the new program according to the most recent academic catalog. If any previously completed credits are not required in the new program, they may not carry over.

Considering a switch, but have questions first? Follow these steps to see how your credits will apply to a new program before switching:

1) Log in to using your Moody username and password
2) Click on Student Center (located under the Academic Self-Service bar)
Click on the dropdown menu labeled "Other Academic Information."
4) Scroll all the way down and click on “What-If Report

From there you will need to create a new report and choose the correct prospective program and area of study (if applicable, choose the desired concentration).

Click on “Submit Request.” This will generate an Academic Requirements Report for the new program based on the credits you have already taken.


Graduation Process

Click here to find out what steps you need to take to graduate. Also, make sure to read the complete graduation requirements found under "Graduation and Commencement" in the Academic Policies section of the academic catalog

Expected Graduation Term

All students are assigned a graduation term based upon their current program, any applicable transfer credits, and rate of enrollment. You should receive an email every semester that includes your expected graduation term. To change your expected graduation term, go to the Forms page and select EGT Update.

Transfer Credit Guidelines

Credits earned outside Moody will be considered for transfer credit as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • They were earned within the last 15 years (10 years for graduate-level)
  • They are college-level (usually numbered 100/1000 or higher)
  • A grade of C or better was earned (B- for graduate-level)
  • The school at which they were earned was accredited at the time they were earned

Other restrictions apply. Find complete transfer credit requirements and accepted accreditors in the Academic Policies section of the current academic catalog.



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