FE 4400 Enrollment Request

This form is to be used by undergraduate students to request enrollment into the FE 4400 Ministry Internship required for their program. Students cannot enroll themselves.

Prerequisite Requirements:

  1. Students must be classified by MBI Academic Records as a Junior or Senior (at least 60 completed credits).
  2. Students must receive approval from the MBI Internship Faculty Supervisor for their major.
  3. Departments may establish other requirements for their major, so please contact your faculty advisor for further questions about your internship requirements.

Field Education Internship Requirements:

  • All FE 4400 internships must be done in collaboration with a Christian organization (church, para-church, or other established ministry).
  • There must be an individual within the organization who is willing and capable of serving as a site supervisor and mentor the Moody student.
  • All 3 credit FE 4400 internships should include a minimum of 135 hours of internship-related work over the course of one semester (certain majors may require additional hours).
  • Students' ministry activities should include responsibilities directly relating to their academic programs and training.


  1. The student completes this form no earlier than 2-weeks prior to open enrollment for the term requested to generate their FE4400 request for enrollment (Academic Calendar) and no later than one week after the enrollmetn deadline for the session.
  2. The faculty internship supervisor receives a copy of the student's internship enrollment request.
  3. If the internship is approved, the faculty internship supervisor will forward their approval to Academic Records (arecords@moody.edu) for FE4400 enrollment.
Are you an F1 international student?
Are you completing any internship-related duties in a country other than the United States?

Students completing any portion of their official internship-related duties in a country other than the United States of America must fill out and complete the MBI Assumption of Risk and Release Form.

Click here to open the document. This document must be signed and uploaded below to continue with your FE4400 request.

Please do not email this document to Academic Records. Failure to submit this document in the file upload provided below will result in your request being denied. 

Have you met with and/or requested an internship with this organization?
Have you worked with this organization prior to this proposal?
Do you believe an internship in this ministry area/organization will enhance your educational experience?
Do you believe this ministry area/organization is compatible with MBI’s spiritual and educational standards?

In order to finalize this request, you must enter your Faculty Internship Supervisor's email address below. See the list on the top right side of this page for information on who this is for your major. It is advised that you are in regular contact with this individual throughout the process of your internship approval.

Communications Majors: Please enter your faculty advisor's email below

Please enter a valid MBI faculty @moody.edu email address. See top right of page for reference of all current MBI faculty internship supervisors.

Signature: By typing your name below, you certify that you are the student and that you understand and agree to all the policies above. To submit this request, you must type your full name below.

Faculty Internship Supervisors by Major:

  • Biblical Preaching: kerwin.rodriguez@moody.edu
  • Biblical Studies/Biblical Languages: gerald.peterman@moody.edu
  • Evangelism & Discipleship: craig.hendrickson@moody.edu
  • Jewish Studies: michael.rydelnik@moody.edu
  • Ministry to Women: pam.macrae@moody.edu
  • Ministry to Victims of Sexual Exploitation: pam.macrae@moody.edu
  • Missional Leadership: craig.hendrickson@moody.edu
  • Pastoral Ministries/Studies (BA/MA): John.Mabus@moody.edu
  • Theology: sanjay.merchant@moody.edu

Communications Faculty Advisors:

  • angela.brown@moody.edu
  • karyn.hecht@moody.edu
  • brian.kammerzelt@moody.edu
  • raychel.mckelvy@moody.edu
  • jeremy.pettitt@moody.edu
  • matthew.snyder@moody.edu
  • jill.white@moody.edu
  • kelli.worrall@moody.edu