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Graduation Information 

Students are responsible to follow the Graduation Process and meet the Graduation Requirements listed below. The Office of Academic Records will contact prospective graduates in their final semester with important graduation information.

If you have questions about your expected graduation date, please contact your Academic Advisor.

Graduation Process

Prospective graduates must complete the following Graduation Process in their final semester:

1. Enroll in All Remaining Requirements.

Prospective graduates must enroll in all their remaining requirements prior to the start of their final semester in order to be on track to graduate.

2. Submit Outstanding Transcripts and Test Scores.

Prospective graduates who plan to fulfill any of their remaining requirements through transfer or test credits (CLEP), must submit all official transcripts and test scores prior to the start of their final semester. Failure to do so will delay their graduation to the following semester and may result in ineligibility to participate in commencement.

3. Submit the Application for Graduation.

Prospective graduates must complete an Application for Graduation in the semester that they intend to graduate. Students who are on track to graduate will receive the Application for Graduation in their final semester from the Office of Academic Records.

4. Pay the Graduation Fee.

Prospective graduates must pay the $125 Graduation Fee regardless of their intent or eligibility to participate in Commencement. This fee pays for the final audit of their degree and the processing, printing, packaging, and shipping of their diploma.

5. Optional: Participate in the May Commencement Ceremony.

See “Commencement Eligibility” for more information.

Graduation Requirements

Prospective graduates must meet the following requirements:

  • Successfully complete all academic program requirements, including Ministry Internship requirements.
  • Submit transcripts and test scores, if applicable, prior to the start of a student’s final semester.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.
  • Receive passing credit for New Student Orientation and each semester of Practical Christian Ministry.
  • Demonstrate a commendable spiritual life and Christian character and display approved conduct in accordance with Moody’s guidelines.
  • Sign a statement of agreement with Moody’s doctrinal position.
  • Be approved to graduate by the Office of Academic Records and the Undergraduate Faculty.

Students who have applied for graduation and do not complete all requirements:

  • Will not graduate or be eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony
  • Must notify the Office of Academic Records of their new graduation date and plan to complete their remaining requirements
  • Must reapply for graduation and repay the graduation fee in the semester they complete all graduation requirements

Failure to follow this process will result in discontinuation.

Commencement Eligibility 

In order to be eligible to participate in the May commencement ceremony, students must complete the Graduation Process and be actively enrolled in all required coursework by the given deadline. Students in certain majors are permitted to participate if their only outstanding requirement is a summer internship following commencement. Any other summer courses or late CLEP exams will result in ineligibility to participate in commencement. If at any point a student is no longer on track to meet the Graduation Requirements, commencement eligibility will be revoked.

For additional information and instructions regarding Graduation and Commencement, contact the Office of Academic Records, or visit


After all course work has been completed and final grades have been posted, student’s diploma will be mailed to them following their graduation. Students should receive their diploma 3-6 weeks after their graduation. Students who participate in Commencement in May will receive a diploma cover during the graduation ceremony.


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