Course Audit Form

Use this form to request to audit an upcoming course.


  • Students are not permitted to attend classes unless they are registered for credit or as an audit.
  • Audits are only permitted if the instructor gives permission.
  • Audits do not count towards your status as a full‐time student.
  • Audits are 50% of the class tuition and are not covered by financial aid. All class fees apply.
  • Once a class has been audited, it cannot be taken for credit.
  • Classes that are required for your major cannot be audited
  • Audits will not be processed unless enrollment is open for the course requested
  • Online-only courses cannot be audited


  • Do not register for the course.
  • Simply fill out this form and, if the instructor approves, you will be added to the course as an auditing student. 
  • Audit forms are due by the end of 2nd week of a 16-week course or by the end of the 1st week of an 8-week course. 

Signature: By typing your name below, you certify that you are the student and that understand and agree to all the policies above. To proceed and submit this request, you must type your full name below.