Use this form to request an extension for one of your current courses.


If extension is approved, all coursework must be completed no later than:

  • 5 full weeks after the last day of final exams (for 16-week course)
  • 5 full weeks after the end date of the course (for 16-week MTS Modular course)
  • 3 full weeks after the end date of the course (for 8 or 10-week course)


  • You must submit one form per course
  • Each extension request requires a $25 payment.
  • Please note that course extensions are only granted in unusual or rare cases.
  • Busy schedules or travel plans that conflict with final exam periods are not considered valid reasons for course extensions.
  • Professor responses must be submitted to the Office of Academic Records prior to the last day of final exams in order to be considered. Decisions will be emailed once the response has been received by the Office of Academic Records from the PROFESSOR.
  • Refer to the Academic Catalog for your campus for the complete course extension policy.

Signature: By typing your name below, you certify that you are the student and that understand and agree to all the policies above. To proceed and submit this request, you must type your full name below.

Course Start - End Dates :
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If you wish to call in with your payment information or submit cash, please call 312-329-2087 or drop of cash with the office of Academic Records on Culby 2. Forms without payment information will not be processed until the fee is paid unless the fee has been waived. 

Course extensions are subject to the approval of each instructor. Once the form is submitted, the request details will be forwarded to . Payment information or fee waivers are handled by the Office of Academic Records.