Request for Intermission - Fall 2021

Intermission allows Chicago undergraduate students in good academic standing to retain active status while not enrolled in residential, on-campus courses. Intermission may be requested for medical, financial, or personal reasons. Chicago campus students may only enroll in up to eight (8) credits of distance learning classes or their internship requirement. Students will be permitted to enroll in more than 8 credits of on-line credits while on Intermission for the Fall 2021 semester only. Students enrolling in the hyflex options for the upcoming semester do not need to apply for intermission.

A $200 fee will be charged to the student’s account for each semester of Intermission, with the exception of students who are enrolled in distance learning courses and/or an internship. Students on Intermission may only enroll in up to 8 Moody Bible Institute Distance Learning credits and/or an internship. Chicago campus students enrolled in distance learning courses while on Intermission will not receive the Chicago Undergraduate Tuition Grant.

Students with an outstanding balance must make noticeable progress towards paying off their debt while on their first semester of Intermission or they will be denied a second semester of Intermission.

Intermission Form Deadlines: Forms must be submitted prior to the first day the semester for which the student is requesting intermission.

Students on intermission are still required to sign off and abide by the Student Life Guide. You will not be able to enroll in classes for the following semester until this has been completed.

  • Taking any hyflex courses? You don't need intermisison.
  • Taking only online courses this fall or just doing your internship? You DO need intermission
I am an F‐1 Visa (International) Student
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